Zimbabwe cricketer becomes pilot – took 62 wickets in 64 matches.

Zimbabwe cricketer becomes pilot – Former player Travis Friend, who played as an all-rounder in the Zimbabwe team, has made his career not in cricket but in the other field in which he now talks to the wind i.e. working as a pilot.

Travis Friend played 13 Tests and 51 ODIs for Zimbabwe

Talking about Travis Friend, he was also outstanding as a cricketer. He took 25 wickets in 13 Tests for Zimbabwe, along with 447 runs, including 3 Pachaas, while speaking of ODIs, he scored 548 runs with the bat in 51 ODIs and took 37 wickets off the ball.

The Zimbabwean all-rounder started off as a leg-spinner but later became a fast bowler with the ability to bowl at a speed of around 140 kmph. He made his debut against New Zealand in 2000.

Thought to leave cricket to become a pilot,

Travis Friend, who became a pilot after this, ended his career in 2004 but he had a good performance against the Indian team. He took 7 wickets in 2 matches against India in the Coca-Cola Cup played in Sharjah in 2000, which included the wickets of legendary players like Sachin, Ganguly and Yuvraj.

Zimbabwe cricketer becomes pilot
In 2004, the President of Zimbabwe was involved in the Jawara team to protest against the implementation of the quota system. With whom some other Zimbabwean cricketers were also involved.

After that, he left cricket to play Friend County cricket where he represented the team from Derbyshire.

After this, he gradually ended his career with cricket and after getting the Private Pilot Certificate in 2001, Friend thought of becoming a commercial pilot and started flying aircraft like Fly B, Qatar.

However, he thought of becoming a pilot in the year 2006 and he trained for it, after which he got a UK flying license in 2007.

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