Elephant Killed In Kerala- Feed the fruit full of explosives

Elephant Killed In Kerala – A forest officer in Malappuram, Kerala, told the painful story of the elephant on social media. The elephant in the forest had gone to the nearest village in search of food.

While wandering in the streets, she found some connoisseurs who gave her fruits full of firecrackers, it was the fault of that elephant that he saw his image in these humans, he wondered why these people would cheat.

She took the fruit and as soon as he started eating it, he burst. The explosion was so fast that her mouth and sun were badly injured, she became angry. She will not be worried, will worry for her child.

For a mother, her child’s life is most valuable. And one of the actions of humans was made on the life of his child.

Drank her sorrow alone

The elephant was hurt so much, she must have come to his mind to crush those people. She taught those humans a lesson, but she did nothing of the sort. She ran in a groan in pain over the village turbans.

That female Elephant did not destroy anyone’s house in anger. Leave aside the matter of harming any villager. Somehow that elephant reached into the Velliyar river and stood there. Perhaps there would have been some relief from the pain

Elephant Killed In Kerala

Elephant Killed In Kerala

It was time to know

The elephant probably realized that she would not survive. When the forest officials came to know about the entire incident, they called two captive elephants to take out the elephant.

The elephant did nothing. She stood in the same river. He died on May 27 at 4 pm. The villagers and forest officers loaded his body in a truck and carried it to the forest and performed the last rites.

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