Trains run 15 cities, will have to travel with these new rules.

Trains run 15 cities – The train, which has been closed since 25 March, is going to start again. Data related to special trains are being put on IRCTC website.

Train ticket booking will be possible in some time. Wait a little Sorry for the inconvenience. Information was given on the website that at five o’clock at five o’clock, the booking will start at 6 pm.

Earlier, the Railway Ministry had made it clear that booking in special trains will be done only through IRCTC.

trains run 15 cities

trains run 15 cities

No window will open at the station. The tickets can be booked during the maximum period of next 7 days. It has been suggested to the travelers that they should bring their food and water.

There will be neither sheets nor blankets nor curtains in the train. In such a situation, the traveler will have to bring a sheet from his house. Watch the video for more information.

Railways have issued new guidelines for travel on 15 special trains from May 12, asking passengers to carry their own food and linen and arrive at the stations at least 90 minutes before departure to check on health is.

Along with this, all passengers are required to wear face masks during the journey. Watch this video for more information.

Please wear mask when you go outside from home and avoid to exit without any urgent work.

Do not touch any unknown thing and if you intimate with any outside thing or people then immediately senitize your hands otherwise wash hands with sope for minimum 20 to 30 seconds.

Be safe and let others safe, so please co-operate with administration and follow all lockdown rules. Because your safety is also our safety.

Thank You.

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