Don’t leave your pets- there will be action in this states.

Don’t leave your pets – The entire world is troubled by the Corona virus. As soon as a rumor of virus spreads in people, people immediately make a distance from it.

In such a situation, the Assam Police has cautioned those who give up pets due to the Corona virus and told that they may have to face legal action for this.

The State Police Headquarters has issued an order to the Commissioner of Police of Guwahati City and all the Superintendents of Police to take action on a letter from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India.

Don’t leave your pets

Dont leave your pets

Meet Asari, Associate Manager of PETA India Emergency Response Team, issued a statement saying, “We thank the Assam Police for giving such instructions to the authorities to ensure that those who are cruel to animals during the corona virus crisis We deal with them, they should take strict action according to the law.

In another advisory on 23 March, AWBI requested law-enforcement officials to ensure that no animal suffers from hunger during the lockdown due to the corona virus outbreak.

NewsToday 11 request this from you that that please follow the administration’s rules and regulations strictly in this 4th season of lockdown.

Because if you follow the rules properly then there is no need to extend the lockdown more. Always wear a mask outside the house, and stay as far away from people as possible.

Be safe and let people safe, so happy lockdown to you all.

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