Death of coronavirus infected woman in Uttarakhand

Death of coronavirus infected – The first case of corona virus-infected death has been reported in Uttarakhand. After suffering a brain stroke the woman resident of Lalkuan admitted to AIIMS in Rishikesh.

His third corona report came positive. Corona is the first case of death of an infected patient in the state. Corona has been confirmed in 57 people so far.

The woman of Lalkuan admitted to the neuro ward of AIIMS had a brain stroke on March 2. He was earlier admitted to Brijlal Hospital Haldwani.

Death of coronavirus infected

Death of coronavirus infected

From here on March 8, Vivekananda Hospital was referred to Haldwani itself. And was referred to Later Shri Ram Murti Hospital Bareilly. Admitted in Bareilly from 19 to 21 April. The ward was later shifted.

A total of 57 cases of corona infection have been reported in Uttarakhand so far, while 36 patients have recovered and discharged.

It is very sad that people are not understanding even after giving so much information by the government.

The death of this girl has proved that in this country, as much as people can understand, they have to do what is on their mind.

If everyone completely follow this lock down, take good care of social distancing and still use a sanitizer if you come in contact with anyone.

If people understand the importance of the mask, you may never hear such news. Now someone is dead in Uttarakhand today, then somewhere else, tomorrow someone will be losing the battle.

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