Will the lockdown period extended ? Government thinking so.

Will the lockdown period Extended

Will the lockdown period extended, Corona virus disease has taken the form of an epidemic in the country. And the number of patients suffering from corona is increasing rapidly. Constant meetings are going on at the level of governance and administration.

From the center to the states, while the governments are in active mode. The lockdown is in force for 21 days in the country, which expires on April 14 everybody thinking that will the lockdown period extended?

The central government is still in the mood to discuss whether the lockdown should be extended beyond April 14.

Will The Lockdown Period Extended:

will the lockdown extended

Prime Minister Narendra Modi video conferencing with the Chief Ministers of all the states on 11 April discussed the latest situation, in which there was talk about lockdown.

Chief Ministers of 10 states including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan and Odisha strongly advocated to increase the lockdown.

However, the Center has not yet made any formal announcement regarding this, but there was a competition to increase the lockdown in the states.

Odisha announced to increase the lockdown by 30 April. After this, the government of Punjab, Maharashtra and West Bengal also announced to extend the lockdown period.

The West Bengal government has also ordered closure of all educational institutions by 10 June. Uttarakhand, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled state at the center, has also announced to increase the lockdown.

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