Will the lockdown extended, PM Modi’s address to the nation on the 3rd

Will the lockdown extended- Today, where the whole country is fighting with the Corona Virus, there are some people who are engaged in ferrying water on this whole exercise.

As we all know that there is no cure for corona virus yet. The only cure is to keep away from people, and this is possible only through lock down.

Right now the government has given a discount till 1 pm, people go to the markets to buy the necessary items, and in the markets people go as if they roam in the markets on normal days.

Social distancing is not being taken care of at all, in such a situation, if someone gets an epidemic, then it can easily happen to any person.

And if that happens then no one can save us from reaching the third stage of COVID-19.

The third stage is the phase called community spread. In this, no one knows which person is infected and who is not and when it reaches from one to one thousand and then one lakh and then one crore, nothing will be known.

Will the lockdown extended

Will the lockdown extended

Think yourself what is the interest of our Prime Minister in closing the entire country? Why would he let the economy of the country fall behind? They are doing all this only so that you can save your life and save the life of this country.

Shame Full Situation On Bandra Terminus

On the other hand, there are people who want that the country should take this epidemic completely. Recently, thousands of people gathered at Mumbai’s Bandra Terminus on the instigation of one person.

On the other hand, people crowded in Delhi and came to the streets. We do not understand that there is a lack of understanding in India, or our mind is not so developed that the understanding of our good and bad is lost.

Even if you know that there is no cure for this disease, still do such activities.

You know that the whole world sits in our homes and watches it on TV. And looking at this little understanding of ours makes fun of us.

The whole world will say that look at these stupid people who put their understanding aside and follow him at the behest of any one person.

Our only request to all of you is to raise your mind a little. Show your understanding, support the administration and stay in your homes. There are many things in which you can keep yourself busy.

But in this lock down we have got a very good gift of life. And that gift is close proximity to your loved ones, time for them and opportunity to understand them.

Today, the neighbors are sitting together and playing Ludo, together they are eating and drinking together. Asking each other’s condition and spending time in love.

In today’s busy times, no one has time for anyone, everyone is busy with his work. But this situation has made them all as much as was not possible before.

Lockdown Also Gives Beautiful Gift

Today we are locked in our homes in lock down and we are getting angry with the government for this. But just look at the other aspect of how beautiful it is.

All our neighbors and our relatives have come so close to us. Today they have time for us and we have plenty of time for them.

Consider how much this unity and brotherhood of our country has increased. And see the positivity in this restriction too, then you will not know how your time is spent.

And when we win this battle against the corona virus, we will not even know. So, please stay in your house and cooperate with the administration and keep others safe with you.

Please give us your opinion that will lockdown extended or not ?

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