What should you do during lockdown Situation or not?

What Should You Do:

What Should You Do in Lockdown Situation,
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day lockdown across the country. Its purpose is to prevent the spread of corona infection. During this, people have been asked to stay in homes.

Lockdown is an emergency system that is applied in an area during an epidemic or a natural disaster. In the event of lockdown, people are not allowed to leave the houses. They are allowed out of the house only for the essentials of medicine or food and drink.

Let us know about the lockdown in detail.

1: What does lockdown mean ?

Lockdown is the situation when people are imprisoned in a confined area. In fact, the common people are prevented from going outside. Lockdown means that you stay where you are. In lockdown you can be limited to a building, locality, or state, country.

2: Is everything locked in lockdown ?

During lockdown in an area, the supply of essential commodities is generally not affected. In this, shops of ration, medical items, banks, milk-meat etc. are kept running.
Non-essential activities are stopped in lock down. Restriction on travel is important in this. Public means of transport are locked in lockdown.

3: What do you do when there is a lockdown?

If your area is locked down then you should stay in your house. You leave your house only when there is a very important job. Normal operation is not allowed in lockdown. During lockdown, strict action can be taken if a company does not come under the purview of the required service.

4: Don’t you go to work in lockdown?

During the lockdown in India, private companies have also been instructed to get employees working from home. The central and state government have talked about providing financial assistance on their behalf to the daily laborers. The government has also ordered that companies cannot deduct salary for the period of lockdown.

5: Should we collect ration for a few weeks?

You do not have to be afraid of lockdown. You do not even need to buy a lot of stuff. The government has not closed the shops or the shops selling them. Due to restrictions on transport, you may face problems like shortage in stock at the shop, so buy goods only according to need.

6: How big is the risk of corona?

According to the Indian Center for Medical Research, the corona virus is currently in the second stage in India. Only people from abroad and people visiting them have been found infected with the corona virus. The situation may worsen when the corona virus reaches stage three. Community transmission will be known on Tuesday.

7: What to do in Health Emergency?

If there is a medical emergency in your family during the lockdown period, then medical services are operational for the emergency situation of the central and state government. Hospitals and pharmacy are operational in every area. You can go for treatment or medication.

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