In Lockdown Shopkeeper Sale Items At High Price.

Shopkeeper Sale At High Price

Today our country is struggling with a dangerous menstrual corona, there is no cure available for this menstrual period, there is only one purpose and that is lockdown.

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has requested the whole country that all of you stay in your homes for a few days so that this disease can be prevented from spreading.

Now when everything is closed, imagine that the laborer who comes out of his house every morning to earn the money of that day and comes home in the evening, then food is made in his house, what will be the condition of that worker today ?

Shopkeeper Sale At High Price:

Shopkeeper Sale At High Price

Let us assume that for this also the government has made some facilities available, and has given permission to open shops for some time to buy some important things which is necessary for us.

But today man has become so mean that he is taking advantage of the helplessness of the people for his greed, the shopkeeper is selling 10 rupees for 15 rupees, if you say something, he would give up the thing.

Every person is engaged only in looting, in such a situation, a common man will give impunity to the government. Then it is our request to the government that such people who are looting the public should be taken strict action and giving strict instructions should be given to the shopkeepers about things and Strict action will be taken against them for selling at expensive prices.

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