Ratan Tata free Taj hotel for doctors and nurses treating corona.

Ratan Tata Free Taj:

We are going to talk about a person from India who has won the heart of the entire country by doing this work. Yes, we are talking about the hotel of the famous Taj Hotel in India.

Where the cost of one day stay starts from fifteen thousand to one and a half lakh, where a tea is available for Rs 600, there are doctors and nurses engaged in corona treatment living free.

Ratan Tata has given Taj Hotel, one of its most luxurious and most expensive hotels in the world, accommodation and food for doctors nurses and other health workers fighting Corona.

Ratan Tata Free Taj:

ratan tata free taj

Doctors and nurses are staying in the Taj Hotel and posting selfies, writing that we had a dream that we might be staying in the Taj Hotel sometime in the world but billionaire Ratan Tata is the same.

Ratan Tata has already given Rs 1500 crore to the Indian government to fight the Corona Virus.

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