Modi’s govt : Boon for supporters and Blessing in disguise for haters

GOI seems protective when it comes to the life of citizens of democratic India. Modi’s government seems to play on high pitch against the Pandemic Covid19.

When today ( 06 April 2020) when corona victim cases reached 4000+ across nation, but still citizens of nation seems to be optimistic and rasing eyes with hopes towards approach of the govt.

Looking at the statistics of the victims and the person cured with this deadly diseases during this time, it is noteworthy that government is doing all its work in full fledge momentum.

Although mortality rate has raised upto 20 % of this data, it is still trivial as campared to what the world is dealing with. The supercountries like China , USA and Britain along with EU countries has crossed all limits in term of victim rate.

These countries mainly focuses on the economy of the nation while modiji’s main priority is the life of citizens of India.

For country like India, the biggest democratic state of the world, it is more or less daunting and esoteric task to deal with the situation where the nation has rigid taglines “Of the people, by the people, for the people” ,where every citizen enjoy their full right without imposition and hindrance.


This makes work of government even more can see the work of the government sometime get hindered by exercising fundamental right of the citizen.

In countries like India, it is commendable to control the high wave of pandemic by Modi’s govt. One can easily imagine the situation if Mr. Modi would have been replaced by Mr. XYZ as PM in 2014 and 2019 loksabha elections. The situation would have been worsen in densely populated country like us.

On the contrary, China has People’s democratic dictatorship government ( or simply dictatorship government) which has exercise its governmental rights to control this pandemic with “verbose” and extra impostions on citizens. Nevertheless, Modi’s government is able to harness the pandemic with its less privileged government structure and less governmental rights compared to China and USA.

The only way out to deal with the situation was to lockdown everything for 21 days as estimated and recorded incubation period of covid 19 viru(s) is upto 14 days ( as per reports), this only could break the chain in the density.

As a result, we are going through a phase of stone age ( infact enjoying this time) by being at home 24×7, going out only for necessities, No pollution, closeness with family and nature, watching inspiring serials like Ramayana and Mahabharata on Doordarshan channel and ever favourite shaktiman.

Citizen have taken interest and participated in full momentum in taali bajao, thali bajao programme on 22 March 2020 at 05:00 PM and Deep jalao, light bhujao programme later on 05 April , 2020 at 09:00 PM.

This gives the unanimous vote of thanks to the government and appreciating it’s move towards national security. This graceful gestures was also extended to Doctors, Nurses, and armed force, safai karamcharis who are the main heros.

Although challenges are still hindering path of government when Tabligi jammat’s people were scattered across the nation and due to which cases start to increase exponentially.

And we still stand firm with the government that this government has capacity to give good to good and bad to bad and can easily deal with every situation.

We, the citizen of india hold respect and dedication towards the work process of GOI and adhere to the orders of government in this crucial times.
In all, Modiji has won the hearts of 13.5 billion Indians and would remain therein everafter years to come.

Kumar Sourabh, Haridwar
~A Proud indian citizen~

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