Lockdown will not proceed in India due to Corona, Modi government refuses

Lockdown will not proceed

The central government has made it clear that the lockdown of 21 days due to Corona Virus will not be carried forward throughout the country.

There was a discussion that the lockdown can be extended even further, the Modi government made it clear that it has no such plans.

Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba has said that the government has no plans to pursue the lockdown. He said, “I am shocked to see the report of extending the lockdown period, the government has no such plan to extend the lockdown further.”

In view of the increasing number of patients infected with Corona virus in India, there were many reports that the government may consider extending the lockdown period.

After the Central Government’s clarification, the doubt on the lockdown is over. So far 1,024 patients of corona have been reported in India, while 29 people have died from this deadly disease.

In view of the growing case of infection with the corona virus in the country, PM Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown in the country. The PM appealed to the people to draw a Laxman Rekha in front of their house to avoid an epidemic named Corona.

He had said that Corona’s disease will stop only with social distancing. The central government has ordered the states to make all efforts to implement the lockdown strictly.

There are big roumers in nation that lockdown will extend with more strictness this is a fake news but central government refused this news and lockdown will end on 14th April 2020.

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