Kapil Sharma On Lockdown – I am in isolation from Dec. 10, know the reason

Kapil Sharma On Lockdown – Comedy King Kapil Sharma expressed his opinion about the lockdown. He told that he has been locked in his house since December 10.

The statistics of Coronavirus Pandemic in the country are increasing continuously. The threat of this dangerous virus is hovering over the world. Due to this 21 days of lockdown is going on in India.

Celebrities are also spending time with their families in Lockdown. Recently, Comedy King Kapil Sharma expressed his opinion about the lockdown.

Playing with kids all day

In an interview to Times of India, Kapil Sharma told about his routine in lockdown, “Nowadays I keep playing with Baby all day.

Kapil Sharma further said, “It was only 10 days for her to settle down and we slept on time that the routine changed again. Even now the baby is bored.

As Seeing me all day, she feels My father does not do anything. That way I am in lockdown on December 10, since Anaira was born. I used to go out of the house only two days a week to do the shooting.

Kapil Sharma On Lockdown

Kapil Sharma further said, “I can’t remove my eyes from my daughter. I don’t know how the day gets cut. But now I have a little attachment with her.

I used to laugh at seeing Ginni before but For a few days and she has started recognizing me and smiles at seeing me. This feeling is beyond the world.

She justifies her name completely – Anayra, which means happiness. She is my mother. And laughs like me and the eyes of the three of us are closed while laughing.

Expressed the seriousness of the lock down

Kapil Sharma further said about the lockdown, “We take a lot of things lightly. But this lockdown made me realize the value of the people who work continuously for us.

It also made me realize Gave me that my mother is now behaving like children, because she has come to such an age.

I have been living in Mumbai for 14 years but this is the first time that I have heard the voice of the cuckoo and seen the pigeons. Which I used to see only in Amritsar earlier. But I want the world to become normal again. It feels good if the streets are bright, who likes it, the whole city is heard.

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