Irfan Khan sweet memories, 10 powerful dialogues.

Irfan Khan sweet memories – Bollywood veteran actor Irrfan Khan has died because of colon infection at Kokilaben Hospital today. Yesterday i.e. on Tuesday, his health worsened and he was admitted to the hospital. He also has appeared in more than 25 Bollywood superhit films such as Piku, The Lunchbox, Paan Singh Tomar, Maqbool, Haasta and Namesake.

Irrfan made his debut with Meera Nair’s film Salaam Bombay. And then he made his name in Hollywood along with Bollywood in a few years. For years, Irrfan also lived a very simple and ordinary life. And his acting took place in thousands of hearts. Of all the films, he gave his best performance which in turn gave him lots of love. In front of his acting, dialogue, camera, Iskadra says that this thing was remembered for years.

Irfan Khan sweet memories

Irfan Khan sweet memories

Some memorable dialogues of his films that make you understand the right direction and importance of living in life.:

“Man is not only wrong,
Time can also be wrong! “

“Inside I” m very emotional,
Outside helped very happy ”


“Life is very busy these days.
There are too many people, and everyone wants whats the other has.

“Truly when life hands you lemon, isn’t it
Then it becomes very difficult to make shikanji “

“Relationships do not come with a guarantee card”

“Mistakes are like relationships,
Don’t have to, it happens “

“Sometimes a wrong train takes you to the right destination.”

“As much as these cities give us,
Takes many more in return “

“A man’s dream is broken, isn’t it?”
Then the man is finished. “

“Doubt is useful. It keep faith in living thing.
After all you cannot know the strength of your faith
until it has been tested.

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Irfan Khan Dies On Wednesday 29 April In Kokilaben Hospital.
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