Coronavirus tips in lockdown – By Astronaut Scott Kelly

coronavirus tips in lockdown for keeping kids motivated to study

Coronavirus tips in lockdown- Record-breaking former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has his own unique vision of how to be alone and excited at home during lock down.

In 2016, Kelly became the first American person to spend 1 year in space, when he completed his 360-day tenure at the International Space Station.

Scott said that at the time of Corona Virus lock down, the physical classes of children should be changed to online classes.

And Scott Kelly also says that children’s future goals and aspirations are more important than ever.

coronavirus tips in lockdown

He feels that it is important to tell them that their education is still very important despite everything that is going on there.

Kelly said, adding that the lockdown brought a lot of challenges for children and their parents. Distance learning or homeschooling, it is good for some children, but not for everyone.

Scott Kelly spoke to Fox News before taking part in Research Quest Live. allowing students to participate in live sessions with professional teachers from Utah’s Natural History Museum while schools are closed.

The former astronaut will participate in an hour-long question and answer, because a part of the research is at 11:30 a.m. Friday.

Perseverance, he told Fox News, would ultimately pay off for students struggling with distance education.

Scott Kelly also believe it is not easy, often things that are meaningful, difficult and challenging, Scott also added in his own words to “Get inspiration from wherever you can find it”.

National Apeel:

It is our humble request to all of you to give your full support in this lock down period, our goal should be that this lock down be the last lock down.
So stay in your own homes and be safe.

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