29 April Big Asteroid will pass through the earth, what happen

29 April Big Asteroid
On Wednesday, April 29, a very large meteoroid (asteroid) will pass by the Earth.

US space agency NASA said, this meteorite will pass at a speed of about 19 thousand kilometers per hour. As per scientists, there is no possibility of this meteorite hitting the Earth, so people need not panic.

As per NASA’s Center for Near Earth Studies, the meteorite will pass near the Earth at 5:56 am as (Eastern Time) on April 29.

Scientists say that this meteorite, which is the size of a huge mountain, will also affect the whole world if it hits the Earth. besides this the probability of it hitting the Earth is slim.

According to scientists, there is a 50 thousand chances of such a meteorite hitting the Earth every hundred years. But it has happened very rarely in the known history of the Earth that such a big meteorite has hit the earth.

Meteorites with a few meters in diameter enter the Earth’s atmosphere, but they burn immediately and only small pieces of them reach the surface of the Earth.

The name of this meteorite is 1998 RO2 (1998 RO2). Scientists gave information about its passing through the earth about one and a half months ago.

It was then said that its size is like a big mountain. Along with this, it was feared that due to the speed with which this meteorite is rising, a tsunami can also occur If it hits the earth.

Can Be Seen Only By Telescope

This astronomical phenomenon cannot be seen with the naked eye. And People can see it only with the help of telescope. Finally NASA only came to know about this celestial body in 1998.

And After this, scientists have named it 52768 and 1998 OR-2. Its class is flat. And Scientists have been studying it continuously since 1998.

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