Three Congress MLAs lashed out at the government’s three-year development work

Arif Niazi
On one hand, while the BJP government of Uttarakhand is celebrating its three years of development work, the opposition Congress has also opened a big front against the state government. Alam is that the Congress MLAs asked the government for three years of development work. is. Three Congress MLAs from Haridwar district accused the Uttarakhand government of neglecting development works. Three Congress MLAs lashed out at BJP at a press conference held at a hotel in Roorkee. Among these MLAs, the supporters of the three MLAs also reached a large number during the press conference, which was present in Qazi Nizamuddin from Kuliyar, Furkan Ahmed Mangalore and Mamta Rakesh from Bhagwanpur, during which Congress National Secretary and MLA Qazi Nizamuddin accused the government Uttarakhand government has not stood up to the problems of the public, every person is worried today, from businessmen to farmers Are, But the government does not care about them at all. The employee is on the streets today, the farmer is not getting paid but the government has nothing to do with this. The government is busy with its fun, it has nothing to do with the public’s problems. Has gone, so now the public is looking towards the Congress, in the coming time, the Congress party will emerge in Uttarakhand with great force and BJP will be punished for its exploits. Will give you strength.

During this, Kaliyar MLA Furqan Ahmad also lashed out at the government and said that the government celebrating its three years of development work should be ashamed, there is a lot of outrage in the state today, from the employee to the common man. Unemployment is at a peak, officials are not listening to anyone, the situation in the state is very bad, but the government is patting itself on the back of 3 years of development work. Congress MLA Furkan Ahmed said that today Haridwar district is also completely backward from development works. No development work is going to be done in Haridwar district, broken roads are living proof of this, but the minister and the Chief Minister of the government are patting the back of their government, which is very unfortunate, on this occasion, Congress MLA from Bhagwanpur Mamta Rakesh also made the state government. He opened a big front against it, alleging that the whole world is in panic with the corona virus but the government has the disease There is no concrete arrangement for the government has proved to be a complete failure on all fronts. But the government is busy reading its rules. He said that the people will give a befitting reply to the BJP in the coming assembly elections. The coming time is of the Congress. In 2022, the Congress will form the government. There is no factionalism. All party leaders are united. It is the job of the Congress party to respect the workers. It is hard work of the workers to bring it, so respect of the workers is very important He said that no factional question of any kind is created as many Congress leaders are, but some people are conspiring to discredit the Congress party by false propaganda in which he will never succeed. He said that it is very unfortunate that unemployed Youth and government employees are forced to agitate on the streets to fight for their rights, they have to agitate farmers Is forced to Tmahtya is finding his cane not be paid But the government is blind to all these issues, it has nothing to do with the problems of the people. If the government does not pay attention to the development works in time, then in the coming time, the Congress party will agitate in a big way. Former Chairman of Chaudhary Islam Bhagwanpur, Congress leaders Abhishek Rakesh, Munir Alam, Nasir Pravez, Virender Thakur, Brijpal Pradhan, Seth Pal Parmar, Pow Tyagi, former president Sushil Parmar, wind Solitaire, HR Sachdeva, Amit, Munawar Ali etc. Hundreds of people were present.

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