Strict attitude of police due to corona in Uttarakhand, Lockdown Till 31 March.

Strict attitude of police due to corona virus threat i uttarakhand.
While the whole world is in a panic due to a severe disease like Karona virus, the Uttarakhand government has also taken a strict decision that Uttarakhand is locked down till March 31,
Section 144 has also been implemented in Haridwar district. Policemen are stationed. Police and administrative officers are roaming around Roorkee city, pleading people not to get out of the house. From 7:00 am to 10:00 am, people can exit the house for essential goods only after 10:00 am.

strict attitude of police due to corona

Police strictly dealt with the people leaving the house, Rampur Chungi, Civil Line, Fish Market, Ramnagar in Roorkee along with this, there has been increased patrolling in every village, people coming from outside have been banned, and all the borders of Uttarakhand of Roorkee have been sealed. Security has been beefed up on the UP border, the police have tightened the grip on people coming out of Roorkee. Police officials have warned that if people leave the house later than the stipulated time, strict action will be taken against them. Police also lathi-charged several bike-riding youths roaming the road.

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