What happened on the night of the execution and what was the condition of the Nirbhiya’s four criminals.

Eight years ago, the lawsuit of humanity in a bus moving on the road of Delhi had been in constant discussions since 2012 with the claims of the entire nation, with the sentiments of the whole country also associated with this case, Nirbhiya’s mother also continuously The court was circling and did not leave a single date, while on the other side, the lawyers of the criminals A.P. Singh also relinquished his experience and canceled the hanging 3 times, at the same time, he also explained to the world that there are such weaknesses in our constitution, which we can use legally to avoid punishment like hanging, but in this case the way the Lower Court, High Court and Supreme Court have punished the guilty. Seeing the petitions dismissed one after the other, it seems that our law system is getting stronger and the criminals should understand that if you commit the crime now, very soon He will be seen swinging on the noose hanging.
At 10:30 night on the 19th, the lawyers of the guilty A.P. Singh reached the High Court and got the court opened in the night, when the petition was dismissed from there, he reached the Supreme Court and a hearing was held at 2:30 pm, but there he also rebuked his arguments, saying it was baseless. Do not destroy time of yourself and ours, it is time for your convicts to meet God.

convicts hand today

On the other hand, the news of the moment was being passed on to the guilty and when all the four persons were told that all your pleas have been rejected by the court, then fear was being seen on their faces, they would sometimes cry in the death cell, Sometimes they used to ask for mercy, again and again they just said that we do not want to die, when the jailor came to him at 4 o’clock in the morning and asked their last wish, no one told anything just weeping and screaming. After that the executioner came to them and put them in black clothes, at first the criminals thought of wearing black clothes but later agreed, after that they took them all out of the death cell and took them to the hanging house but no one easily walk, rather they were forced to the gallows. The fear of the four criminals was so great that one of them lay there, then he was raised and tied his hands behind and the hanging noose was put in their throats. After that Jallad kept a hand on the lever and looked at the jailer. It seemed that all this is done without saying anything, after that, at exactly 5:30 pm, the executioner pulled the lever and at the behest of the jailer, the four gunmen swung on the noose and thus were fearless He got justice after eight years.

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