Food, sanitizers, masks are provided to those living on the roadside by Mayor.

Food, Sanitizers Masks Provided To Roadside Peoples By Mayor Roorkee.
Today, there is a continuous effort at the national and local level for the prevention and prevention of infectious disease like corona virus in the country, and public support is being taken in it, on the other hand, every possible way through the administration and government Efforts are being made not to harm anyone due to its outbreak.
At that time, a person in Roorkee who is providing food, sanitizer, mask, etc. for security personnel, service personnel and health workers and hundreds of people living on the roadside at personal expense. Among those who are homeless from homes are available all the time, perhaps that’s why a young social worker and young people chose him as the Mayor of an independent city. Gaurav Goyal who has been continuously dedicated to serving the people of the city and the region for a long time.

food sanitizers provided

His efforts are being praised by people all around that he is fulfilling the personal needs of the needy from his personal level and working hard day and night to help them in this emergency situation.
In fact, it is an act of great virtue and such people who are leaving their home family and doing their work for the country and religion, they are really called true social workers and its living example as the Mayor of Roorkee city today. In front of us, people whose sense of selfishness is zero and their life at a time when a big crisis is facing the country, then they should abandon everything and serve the people only for the service of God See as.

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