Mayor provide food and directed employee to clean entire city.

Mayor Gaurav Goyal, who helped the passersby, security policemen and sanitation workers etc. in the Municipal Corporation area during lockdown due to Corona virus, presented the passers with food and water and a mask sanitizer etc. He is being praised all around in the city, while he also directed the officers and employees related to the corporation. It is important to continue the work of cleanliness in the entire municipal area rapidly and also keep the city clean and tidy.

mayor provide food

He also visited the spot cleaning of drains by Nala Gang and also patted the staff engaged in cleaning work due to this epidemic. For this, the work of cleaning and sanitizer is necessary and the public should also take special care of cleanliness itself.
The work done by Mayor Gaurav Goyal at his own personal expense to serve the people of the city is being praised by all the citizens for free interest in public free work.

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