Farmers and Energy Corporation agree with the intervention of BJP leader Chaudhary Kulbir Singh

On one hand, farmers are constantly stumbling at the rate of payment of cane arrears, sometimes agitation or sometimes farmers have been demanding intervention from the administrative authorities officials of the same Energy Corporation are also continuously pressurizing the farmers to pay the bills in the financial year. A large number of farmers reached the residence of the farmer leader Chaudhary Kulbir Singh and the officials of the Energy Corporation from Chaudhary Kulbir Singh and Jhabrera Nagar Panchayat Chairman Chaudhary Manvendra Singh. After seeking relief from this, after this Chaudhary Kulbir Singh, in view of the demand of the farmers, immediately got more power from the corporation. The officials got their voice called after which after several hours of talks, the officials of the Energy Corporation gave relief to the farmers. It is noteworthy that in the last month of the financial year, a campaign has been launched by the officials of the Electricity Department to recover the bills of the outstanding Energy Corporation, in which many poor farmers of the area did not collect the electricity price due to non-payment of sugarcane by the sugar mill. All Are affected due to, Also, SDO Anita Saini has disconnected the electrical connections on inhumane basis in many places.

kulbeer singh meditate farmers

Not only this, a report against some regional farmers in Manakpur Adampur village has been submitted in the police station Jhabreida, which has been heavy in the area for the past several days. Fury was rampant and farmers were constantly traveling around the public representatives and the electricity department, a farmer against the power department Religious mind to take action were made, Today, along with Dr. Rampal Singh Manakpur, Raghuveer Singh Saini, Rajpal Singh, Virendra Singh, Jai Singh, Jaipal Singh and hundreds of other villagers at Ashwash Tiwari Executive Engineer, SDO Akshay Kapil, SDO Mrs. Anita Saini etc. at Chaudhary Kulvir Singh’s residence in Jhabrera After negotiating all the points together, it was agreed that in future the departmental staff would take a view of the local situation while disconnecting the electrical connection. Igt action on humanitarian grounds are So that there is no bitterness between the farmers and the department and the farmers will also provide their support in the recovery of electricity dues, Chaudhary Kulbir Singh suggested that Mr. Agro Products Pvt. Ltd., make electricity from the sugarcane produced by the farmers and sell it to the electricity department is And the Electricity Department pays crores of rupees of electricity purchased every month, Dhanashree Agro Products Limited (Iqbalpur Sugar Mill) work, in such a situation, the electricity balance of the concerned farmer should be adjusted with that amount, in the meeting it was agreed that Electricity department will withdraw the report filed in respect of Manakpur and will not take any action.

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