Impact Of Bharat Band Due To Corona Can Be Seen Seriously

The impact of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharat Bandh Muheem can be seen clearly in the entire country, where on the one hand government employees, police personnel, municipal workers are performing their duties with full responsibility, while the people also stay in their homes and shut India are fully supported. According to doctors, the corona virus is spread through many mediums such as from the environment, metal or from human to human, the life of this virus is 16 hours and if we remain locked in the houses for 14 hours then this virus Will be destroyed by the environment and will not be able to contaminate anyone else. This is the only effective way to control the corona virus.

To prevent the spread of the corona virus, the Uttarakhand government has immediately stopped the stay of foreign and domestic tourists in Uttarakhand, did not give any kind of tourists to any hotel or guest house booking in the state till the advance order will comes.

india lockdown corona virus
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