A dozen students from food poisoning in hostels are ill, admitted to civil hospital.

Even though the whole world is in a panic over Roorkee carona virus, there is no fear of this in the school college management. The college management is not even obeying the orders of the education secretary. The constant negligence of college management is coming out. The government may have ordered the schools to be closed, but a peculiar case has come to light in Dhanori, in which it is reported that about a dozen students living in college hostels suddenly became ill after having lunch. Was admitted to the Civil Hospital, Roorkee by the Hostel Management. Raon treatment lasted for several hours now been discharged from hospital all students. According to the information, the students studying in a college hostel of Dhanori under the Kaliyar police station were served lunch, after eating food, the situation of a dozen students staying in the hostel suddenly worsened, the students posted in the hostel were disturbed after the students got vomiting diarrhea. In a hurry, the girl students were admitted to the Civil Hospital, Roorkee, where all the students were treated by the doctors, after several hours, three students were discharged for improving their condition, while half a dozen students were said to have been admitted to the civil hospital till the news was written. Anjali, Sakshi, Suman, Simran, Mahima, Karisma, Deepa, Geeta, and Jyoti staying in the hostel are immediately admitted by doctors. Employees posted College in steel is not willing to give anything Civil hospital doctors NK Khaitan and Dr. Prashanth said that 9 girls were admitted to the civil hospital due to food poisoning, after treatment, three students have been discharged, the rest of the other girl students are under treatment soon. It is being said that the condition of the students has deteriorated due to the food being eaten. It is being investigated by the college management. The question is at the College of Education officials why there was no college management openly education secretary orders, The district administration can now take strict action against this college.

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