The only way to avoid Corona Virus is to leave it alone in the environment.

Nishant Singh,
This virus from the Wuhan city of China will not be known and will kill many lives, so far no one has been able to break this virus, so we have only one option left and that is security.
Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has lockedown the entire country till 14th of April, as this virus is spreading from man to man, besides it is also reaching people through metal, air and clothes. But the good thing is that the age of this virus is limited and after a certain period of time the virus dies on its own.
If we do not leave our homes completely for a certain period of time, then the virus will die on its own wherever it is planted. We should seriously understand this and should remain completely in our homes because we have one and only this option left.

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And yet we are moving out of our homes into the markets and helping the corona virus to spread, it is not the introduction of a sensible person, but we are making fun of it in front of the whole world.
Think for yourself that the whole country here is leaving its job and enduring its losses and is fighting the Corona virus and because of those who violate some orders like you, the sacrifice of all those people will be in vain and the problem will be like Will remain, but can take a more larger form.
All of you are requested to kindly give your full support to the government and free your country from this deadly menstruation.

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