Bhagwanpur police caught the stock of english liquor coming from Punjab

Shahnazar Ali
On the direction of the Superintendent of Police, a separate team was formed under the leadership of Bhagwanpur Police Station, in which Deputy Inspector Shahzad Ali asked to stop at 4.20 mint in the morning when the small elephant filled with vegetables was able to stop, but seeing the police, the small elephant started escaping which Sahajad Ali caught hold of the chase. During checkup 19 Petty English Liquor Party Special Deluxe Whiskey Punjab Marka was recovered. In which the accused Arun Saini’s son Mangeram resident, Mehwad Kala police station Kaliyar was arrested, during interrogation, the accused said that the liquor was bought from Punjab at a cheap price and was brought in the middle of the vegetable carotas, which was sold in different villages of Haridwar for expensive prices. used to go The same SP countryside Swapan Kishore Singh said that a case under various Excise Acts against the accused under the Excise Act will be filed and presented in the court.

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